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So whether you prefer to play a video slot or one of the classic slot machines (Classic Slots) depends solely on your personal preference. Classic slot games are based on the one-armed bandits that were popular in the 19th and 20th centuries. They mostly have 3 reels, lots of card and fruit symbols, they are easy to use and easy to understand. You can never go wrong with classic slots. These days, classic slot machines have been valued by players around the world for decades. They will stay with us for a long time.

Video Slots versus Classic Slots

All over the world, land-based casinos that were firmly in the hands of the state were the only way to enjoy casino games of chance for a long time. So it is not surprising that many enthusiastic gamblers enjoyed themselves in amusement arcades and restaurants and tried their luck there at slot machine games.

The consequence of this is that many casino players are not very familiar with casino games and therefore rely on well-known games and slot machine games that are “just known”. Here you miss out on a lot of fun and profit opportunities, after all, there are a lot of slot machines in online casinos that clearly surpass the well-known slot machine games in terms of fun.

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Classic slot machines can be found in most casinos and gambling establishments around the world. They are also offered in almost all online casinos. Many online casinos even have a specific category in their classic slots software so you can quickly find the machines you want to play. When you play at a local casino or in Las Vegas or Atlantic City, the classic slot machines are mixed up with all other slot machine games. Don’t expect too many mechanical games as these are considered antiques. Instead, look for video slots with simple rules and interfaces.

Difference Between Classic and Video Slots?

The first difference you will notice is the number of reels. Classic slot machines are primarily based on the designs of the first land-based slot machines. You have three reels and a payline in the middle. The profit is only defined by which symbols appear on the middle line.

Video slots, however, are much more flexible in this regard. So you can often find four or five reels here. Depending on which symbols are used, the classic slot machines are often referred to as fruit machines.

Classic Slots Paylines

Classic slot machines usually bet on the single payline in the middle of the reels. Individual classic slot machines also have several paylines from time to time, but usually never more than 3 or 4. In contrast to this, video slots offer significantly better chances of winning. Because with video slots there are usually significantly more paylines – often even up to 1024 opportunities for a profit per spin. In this respect it can be said that it is a personal preference and you have to decide for yourself which slot machines you prefer:

  • Classic slots are rather simple and easy to understand – on the other hand, they can also get boring quickly.
  • Video slots, on the other hand, are very interesting, entertaining, and impressive. Due to the large number of features, however, it is worthwhile first to play a little on a free slot in order to fully understand the rules and functionality.
  • Free spins and other goodies
  • In this category too, the video slots win against the classic slot machines. Because of the simplified design of the classic slots, there are few opportunities to play free spins, bonus rounds or scatter symbols. In short, in most classic slots the reels spin and you win or lose. In contrast, countless goodies and free games can be achieved with video slots, which again adds to the entertainment value of video slots.

Classic Slots Progressive Jackpots

If you play slot machines in order to win big, life-changing winnings, as was the case with Jack from Ireland, for example, video slots are also much better than classic slot machines. In rare cases there are also classic slot machines that provide progressive jackpots, but in the vast majority of cases the really high jackpots are reserved for video slots.

Classic Slots Design and Fun

And finally, you have to mention the design. Video slots have high quality graphics and are thematically oriented. There are, for example, adventure slot machines from Microgaming software and often even licensed slots that deal with the themes of well-known films, superheroes or series, such as the Highlander slot, while the symbols in classic slot machines tend to be based on classic symbols such as the ” 7 “, the” BAR “sign, bells and fruits. Video slots often even have animated cutscenes and therefore offer more contemporary video slots entertainment than classic slot machines.

Play Classic Slots

If you’ve been playing slot games for a long time, you’ve probably found out that there isn’t a lot of strategy involved in gaming. You basically wager your money and spin the reels. The rest is left to chance. Some days you are lucky, but sometimes you lose money. That’s because the casino has an inbuilt advantage. Slot machines are designed to keep you entertained, but they are designed by well-known gaming software developers like Netent, to trade your money for that entertainment as well.

There are a few things you can do to improve your gaming experience and possibly last longer. For example, play for the lowest amount of coins when you want to play for a long time. If the game you are playing doesn’t offer a low coin amount, you can find another game that does.

Some players spend most of their time playing classic slot machines for free. Of course, while you won’t win anything, you won’t lose any money while you’re playing. Of course, if you want to play slots for free you have to do so online. Land based casinos won’t let you play their machines without depositing money first.

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