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Video slots are slots that can be played at online casinos. Online video slot machines can no longer be compared to the normal slot machines in a casino. After all, these are completely digital computer games with many more options than the physical cabinets in casinos. Video slots have animated 3D animations, bonus games and even dolby surround sound. In online casinos you can play the video slots with real money and have a chance to win real cash prizes. However, it is also possible to play video- and classic slots for free at the online casinos.

Playing video slots in online casinos has actually only gotten better. Online there is much more choice in games because there are no physical devices that take up space. Online video slots have more options in terms of animations, sound effects and bonus games. Another big advantage is that online video slots can be played for free.

Play Video Slots

A big advantage of playing video slots in an online casino is that you no longer have to travel all the way to a casino to enjoy the games. You no longer need to change or take off half a day to travel to the nearest casino location. All you need to play video slots in an online casino is an internet connection and a laptop or computer. You can play from your own home and easily find the time to play a progressive video slot for free whenever you want.

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With the introduction of the mobile casino a few years ago, it is also possible to play online video slots via a mobile phone or tablet. Now you can really play wherever you want in an online casino with the help of mobile internet and a mobile phone or tablet. It just gets easier to play online video slots. The slots are also among the most popular online casino games. The first games of which a mobile version was made were the video slots.

Win Real Cash Playing Video Slots Online

Although you can play unlimited free video slots in an online casino, there are also people for whom playing becomes even more fun when you have a chance to win real cash prizes. You don’t have to risk a fortune playing video slots if you decide to play with real money. In online casinos you can already play with a few cents bet. However, with these pennies you do have the chance to win huge cash prizes that can be life-changing. The largest prizes awarded online by casinos have all been won playing online video slots.

These are often prizes that have been won on video slots with a progressive jackpot as you often encounter with the games from Netent, Microgaming and Playtech. With no other casino game you have the chance to win prizes of more than a million euros with a bet of just a few cents. Incidentally, playing video slots for free is still possible when you use bonuses where, for example, you are rewarded with free spins for a video slot.

Free Video Slots

There are plenty of places online where you can play video slots for free. However, the quality of most websites is not very special. These games often remind you of the old slot machines. The slot machines with boring 2D fruit symbols. These slots are not at all like the modern games that you can find in an online casino today. And why would you play there if you can also play the best video slots in an online casino for free? Video slots from the best developers such as Microgaming, of which you can also play various games for free on this site. But other well-known developers such as Netent, Microgaming, Playtech and Yggdrasil are also free to play in online casinos.

Microgaming Slots

Microgaming software games are characterized by a high degree of reliability, innovation and experience. A high entertainment value is mandatory for Microgaming games and the company mainly uses the advice of the customer when developing new games. The most famous are the 3D slots and games with progressive jackpots. The Mega Moolah slot machine was the slot machine where the largest jackpot amount ever, of approximately 18 million euros. was cracked on.

Video Slots Download

The slots from Microgaming are programmed in flash and can be played without having to download anything. The Microgaming Casino software is very user-friendly and reliable and innovative. This makes the slot attractive, lucrative, easy to understand and play. Reliability, integration and communication are the spearheads at Microgaming online and the high level is permanently guaranteed by the willingness to develop continuously in the technical field and by a first-class customer service.

Microgaming Mobile Video Slots

Of course, Microgaming has also marketed games for mobile applications. In Microgaming casinos it is therefore possible to play various slots with the mobile phone or tablet via the html 5 platform developed by Microgaming. The best games of Microgaming selection can be found in touch and therefore the best-known titles are available for smartphones and tablets. All games are available directly from the browser window, and many are also compatible with iOS and Android mobile devices. This means that you can now play your favorite slot anywhere without cumbersome downloads and the range of Microgaming games is constantly being expanded.

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